About us

Image © Yusuké Y. Offhause

Offhause Museums is a project which consists of two museums. The first is in Switzerland, the Offhause Museum Switzerland. The second in Japan, the Offhause Museum Annex Tokyo, which will open in 2022. This project was founded in 2019 by Yusuké Y. Offhause, the current director of the two museums, in order to respond to the lack of exhibition space and promote young artists.

The Offhause Museums support young artists in visualizing their ideas in a dynamic way and in realizing the monumental exhibitions they have dreamed of. For this purpose, the Offhause Museum Switzerland consists of 4 floors which offer different spatial exhibition rooms. In general, we focus on the mediums of installation and sculpture with an emphasis on contemporary art. However, we will also organize exhibitions of various genres such as architecture, design, photography etc.

One of the peculiarities of our museums is that they encourage the exhibition of works by contemporary artists working with ceramics. Even though ceramics have existed since prehistoric times, more and more artists are attracted to this material and use it to express themselves. The technique of ceramics is very old, nevertheless there are always many possibilities to create new things. Many artists today offer us surprises that are different from those of ceramic craftsmen.