Altess, Amil, Bradlaun, Damien Golay, Kevin Kocher, Natalia Olsen

Monumentales petites oeuvres

Image © Carla da Silva

Invited to an artists in residence program at the Offhause Museum, six young people from the PAC (O) association collaborated with the museum in which they exhibit ''Monumentales petites oeuvres''. They explored ceramics to create a fantasy world. Fish, snake, dragon, all enamelled, are all dreamlike creatures that now populate the rooms of this unique museum. In their sculptures, we find a universe both funny and disturbing, a cohabitation of joys and worries.

This artists in residence program organized for the first time within the museum presents the work of young international artists still unknown, including Altess, Amil, Bradlaun, Damien Golay, Kevin Kocher and Natalia Olsen.